How to use Google Slides- All About Me Book

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One thing that always surprised me when I talked with classroom teachers about what they would like their students to be able to do (as a result of taking my technology class) was how simple their requests were. They asked for things like:

Logging in, keyboarding, saving files, saving websites to their favorites and accessing them from their favorites, and how to create presentations.

This blew me away because when these same students were in my computer lab, they were doing all of these things in nearly every lesson and demonstrating mastery. What was happening when they were with their classroom teachers that made the teachers think they didn’t know what and how to use these computer features? I can only guess that it was a matter of expectations.

I decided I had to do something about it, so I started creating resources for classroom teachers to use with their students so that they could all be on the same page with how and when to use the technology features we have come to rely on. In the video demo, you will see how I put together an “All About Me” resource that doubles as an introduction to 10 of the tools in Google Slides. My goal was to create an engaging activity for students that would also teach them how to navigate in Google Slides with confidence.

If you’ve been considering trying out a Google Slides resource with your elementary students, this is the perfect place to start. By the way, it even works on tablets!


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