Easily Access Lesson Materials with Hyperlinks

Save Time HyperlinkYour Curriculum Map

This summer, I’ve been working on updating our grade level Curriculum Map.  We’ve always had a scope and sequence, but last year our district asked that we delve deeper and create Maps that included the standards, objectives, lesson topics, resources, etc.  We had the bones, but we needed an easy format that we’d actually use. Then, I had an epiphany! My principal suggested we put our maps on google drive so we’d have anywhere access and then I had a thought. Most of our resources are now online, so we could hyperlink the resources right in our curriculum map! Now this may be old news for you, but for us, it’s revolutionary.  So, if this is revolutionary for you too, here’s what I did.

Now, your map doesn’t have to be on google docs for this to work.  You can hyperlink text in pretty much any program you are using.

  1. Hi-light the text you want to link.
  2. In most programs, right click for a menu and choose the “hyperlink” option. In Google Drive, hi-light and then choose the insert tab from the menu and click the “link” option. If you’re using google sheets, it will link the cell your text is in.SPRING (5)
  3. In the box that pops up, insert the full web address you want to link to. I find it easiest and most fool proof to just copy the link from the address bar when I have the right page pulled up in my browser. SPRING (3)
  4. Save and you’re set.  Your linked text will now likely be a different color.  The general default is blue, but you can change that if you want to get fancy. That information will be for another post. SPRING (4)

Here’s the exciting part for me, not only can you now link to lesson ideas, resources, YouTube videos and more, you can upload your lessons and activities to your Google Drive and hyperlink to these from your map.

I created a folder that I shared just with my teammates on Google Drive and have put the resources we use as a team in that folder.  Then, anything I place in that folder is automatically shared with them and anything they place in it is shared with the rest of us as well.  I can then link to any of the resources in that folder and we can all access them.  Do you hear the trumpets?!

I hope this is a time saving and organizational helping tip to allow you and your team to access anything available online at any time to plan lessons. I’m excited for how much it will help our team this year.

Have you ever hyperlinked your curriculum maps or your weekly lesson plans? How will this help ease your planning burden? I’d love to hear your ideas and experience with this.


One thought on “Easily Access Lesson Materials with Hyperlinks

  1. wishfulteaching says:

    We started adding hyperlinks to our Frameworks, too! One thing to consider is creating a folder where any documents that are hyperlinked would stay. This way, incase the person who created the hyperlinks with documents from their drive leaves the district, those files could still be accessed. Does that make sense? We’ve had that happen before where someone created this great linked resource, then left the district so their distinct google account is deleted and they can’t access it to change the “owner” to someone else still working in the district making those links still useable.

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