5 Chrome Extensions for Back to School

Most of us are gearing up to head BACK TO SCHOOL. Therefore, is your computer prepared for making your life easier during this incredibly busy time of year? Be sure to check out these 5 Chrome extensions to ease into the Back to School season.

Some of you maybe thinking “What is a Chrome extension and how do I get them?”.

First of all, Chrome is a web-browser just like Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla, etc.. An extension is a little tool that you can install by visiting the Web Store. These tools are shortcuts that will help you with various tasks. If you have Chromebooks in your classroom then extensions will help your work flow immensely! I will explain what some of the extensions do in my list below. To get to the Web Store all you need to do is launch Chrome and click on the Apps icon in the upper left hand corner.

Then click on Web Store.

You could spend all day checking out the different apps and extensions available! Once you find one you like, click the install button and an icon will be added to your tool bar. In the image below, you can see the extensions I currently have installed on my Chrome browser.

Crafty Text

This app is super easy to use! Any time you need to project a website or a spelling of a word for students, use crafty text without having to exit your current application. For instance, the other day I wanted students to visit code.org to work on a coding activity.  I clicked the Crafty Text icon, typed in the web address, pressed enter/return and it projected across my screen. To get back to what was behind the text, I just clicked back on the Crafty Text icon. Students in the back of the room could easily see what they needed to type in without me having to repeat it out loud 1,000 times.

If you share a lot of websites with your students, check out the extension Google Tone.  You can exchange URLs with nearby computers.

Goo.gl URL Shortener/QR Code Generator

Have a really long website url that you need students or parents to visit? Use this extension to shorten that url automatically. Visit the website you want to shorten and click on the Goo.gl extension icon. BAM…it automatically creates a small url for you! You can even click on the “added to history” link to track how many clicks others have made on your website (great way to see how many clicks and how often a particular website is visited).

You may have also noticed the QR Code option. Click on QR Code and BAM. You have created a QR code for that particular website! Simply drag and drop this QR Code to your desktop and then put it in whatever document/presentation you would like for it to appear on.


Who doesn’t need a calculator NEAR by? Access a calculator in ONE click with this extension!


This extension makes screenshots and screen captures a BREEZE. It allows you to grab an image or video of what you see on your screen, add effects and share with others. When you click on the extension, this menu will pop up on the right:


What is SO nice is how the extension automatically creates a folder in your Google Drive. When you make a screenshot or capture, the files are saved directly to this folder in your Drive!
You can also send your screen capture directly to YouTube or even create an animated gif:
Check out this gif I created using Snagit:
Your video loops!

Black Menu for Google

This extension takes all of the best Google apps and services and combines them into one area that is just a click away!

Once you click on the extension, a small menu pops up on the right hand side of your screen. Choose which app you would like to view and you will see the items within that app pop up to the left. Here is an example of my Drive within this extension:

Interact with any Google app without opening a new window!

You can even customize the apps that appear on the right by clicking the 9 dotted square and drag and drop any app into the black bar on the right:

I really like the option of switching Google accounts quickly and easily. Just click on your user icon and choose the account you wish to switch to:

Google extensions are incredible! I could keep going but had to limit myself 🙂 Hopefully these will make your work flow a breeze as you head back to school.

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    • jgtechieteacher says:

      Hey Julie! I did not buy the extension. I believe there is SnagIt software that has more bells and whistles that you can purchase, however, I have been using the free extension 🙂

    • jgtechieteacher says:

      Hi Lisa! I just clicked on the SnagIt title in my post above where I hyperlinked where to find it, and it is GONE…. it can’t be located anywhere in the app store! So bizarre. The extension still works on my computer though. I did a little investigating and I see others within the last day or two are having the same issue with finding it in the app store. I wonder if they are retiring the extension? I’ll let you know if I find out anything further. Ohhhhhh technology 🙂

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