10 Websites that Work on BOTH Laptops and Tablets

If you’re in a mixed-tech classroom like me, you probably noticed that not all educational websites work on all platforms. That can be so frustrating! This list of 10 sites that work on both laptops and tablets is one to keep handy.

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Websites 1-10

  1. Turtlediary.com great for early finishers or specific skills centers
  2. Pbskids.org fun games that can help your students master their mouse or trackpad
  3. Mobymax.com lessons and test prep practice
  4. Khanacademy.org videos to teach concepts
  5. Prodigygame.com math, math, and more math
  6. Primarygames.com a great collection of learning games
  7. Seussville.com another set of fun games for computer skill development
  8. Topmarks.co.uk choose a topic and dig in
  9. Timeforkids.com non-fiction reading
  10. Sciencekids.co.nz great for research or to learn about a new science topic

10 Websites- Brittany Washburn

Do you have a class website with linked activities? Check out these sample activities to see how I set up my class website.

Do you have more websites to add to the list? Leave them in the comments and help out a follow educator!


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