Changing the Way we Teach using Google Classroom

Ever wonder how you can make learning more meaningful for your students while still differentiating your lessons to meet the needs of the ever growing educational gap? Well, today we are going to take a look at how to set up and organize your own Google Classroom. I have been using Google Classroom with my third and fourth grade students for a few years. I was over the moon when I recently heard that Google has released a new feature on Google Classroom that now allows teachers to select students or groups who will receive specific assignments. So take a look at the steps below on how to set up and organize your classes!

how-to-set-up-google-classroom-1               Step 1: First, click on the the icon that says create classroom.


Step 2: Then name your class ( if you teach multiple section of the same grade  like I do; I usually name the class the teachers name on section I put the grade for that class and for the subject I will add computer lab)


Step 2: Now you are ready to invite your students by adding them to your classroom. Again if you are like me I teach 400 students so I prefer to have each student join their correct class by using the code for that class. I put the class code on the SmartBoard and then as students login to their Google Classroom accounts they will enter the code.


 Step 3: After all students have joined your class you are ready to create your first assignment! ( Hooray,  You are on your way to having a paperless classroom!) You will need to click on the little circle + sign and the other options will appear. Click on the create assignment icon.


Step 4: Now you will name your assignment. Then comes by favorite part by far! (Teachers have been asking for awhile if there was a  way that we could assign assignments to a individual students or a group of students, but not the whole class. Well Google finally listened and has created this AMAZING feature that allows you to do just that! ) 


Step 5: So after you have create the name of the assignment you can click on the name of the students in your class that you want to receive this assignment. The best part ONLY the students who have been assigned that specific assignment will receive it!


  So here is how I am using it in my class. I teach K-4 Computer lab. I see 400 students during the course of a week.  160 of those students are my third and fourth graders. They  are using Google Classroom. I create 3 variations of the same assignment for my students. The assignment appears the same in each assignment heading, but now I am able to select who gets which assignment. My challenging assignment goes to my students who I know have a good grasp on using technology and need to have more rigor and critical thinking activities/ lessons their assignment may have more reading and will be self guided and higher order of thinking.  My 2nd lesson may have some foundational skills, possible some vocabulary at the beginning and several examples before they get started on their lesson. The 3rd lesson would  include a video tutorial of the lesson or activity. It will go at a much slower pace with vocabulary built in as well as repeated practice of the same task. So, as you see my students are all working on the same unit, but because of their unique learning abilities I am to create assignments that are differentiated and build of their strengths!  

If you would like an example here is a presidential Google Research Project that I am doing with my students. There are 3 different Levels. You can click on the on the picture for the link or click on the link down below. Each of these will ask you to make a copy!


Group 1:


Group 2


Group 3


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