6 Storage Solutions for 1:1 Classrooms with Flexible Seating

Teaching in a tiny 1:1 classroom inspired me to give flexible seating, both of these situations pose unique storage dilemmas. I’m going to share a few ideas for storage in a classroom with flexible seating that are working in my classroom with you today.

  1. My classroom is not entirely paperless yet, there are a few things that I find my students just do better with if it is on paper. Keeping up with unfinished work is a task in a regular classroom, but even more so in a classroom with flexible seating. One way that I have my class grouped is alphabetically, this is done at the beginning of the year for simplicity. I use that grouping for bathroom breaks, lining up, and sharing this storage. I save space and money by using only 2 sets of these 3 plastic drawers for storing unfinished work. This usually only consists of a vocabulary packet for the week and maybe a spelling packet for those that have lost iPad privileges.unfinished-student-work
  2. Storing earbuds is often a struggle as well, I have just attached a simple, cheap over the door jewelry organizer to my iPad cart. Each section was numbered, of course that has worn off since then. But thanks to the clear pockets, my students can see their earbuds quickly, get them and go. earbud-storage
  3. With flexible seating, you will definitely need to have clipboards easily accessible. Check out this cute idea for storing clipboards. Mine are numbered so that if I find them out of place, I know who it belongs to.

4.  These cubbies are perfect for storing all of your student’s personal materials such as pencil boxes, and notebooks. My cubbies are much smaller and overflowing with workbooks and clipboards. I use tubs like the ones on top for workbooks that aren’t used on a daily basis.

5.  When I only had 11 iPads, I used a dish drainer for storage. I learned very quickly that keeping the cords straight and out from under the iPads was very important. The weight of the iPads on the cord can quickly sever the cord and it will no longer charge the devices.

6. Many times my students don’t need the contents of their entire pencil box, nor the responsibility of having to keep up with it. All they really need to get the morning started is a pencil. I have an over the door shoe hanger with a numbered pocket for each student. Here they keep 3 pencils and are able to grab them quickly each morning. Mine is similar to the one below, but it does not have clear pockets (I think it’s best for students to not see what others have in their pockets).

I hope that you found some storage ideas that you could use here! If so, please come over and check out my blog at dirtroadteacher.com

*Disclaimer- the links to storage products are affiliate links. If you purchase these items through the links provided, I will receive a small commission that does not cost you anything. Thank you!

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