Online Practice for Technology Enhanced Items (TEI)

Testing season is quickly approaching for many of us. Are your students prepared and comfortable with the format of Technology Enhanced Items (TEI) that will appear on their state tests? These are not the traditional type of testing questions. Instead, they are computer-delivered items that drive higher order thinking which involve special interactions for collecting responses. Some examples of TEI questions include:

  • text dropdown menus
  • drag and drop
  • multiple selection
  • label an image
  • numeric entry with units
  • text selection/highlighting
  • editing text
  • equation builder
  • drawing an object
Exposing students as early as possible to these types of questions is important,¬†not just for conquering testing. We need to show how questions that arise in our everyday world do not always require ONE answer. Sometimes we find multiple answers that are correct to everyday problems! Often times answers come in many different forms. Many TEI questions mirror this philosophy and if students do not correctly choose ALL of the correct answers, then the question asking for multiple answers is marked entirely wrong. That can be hard for a little one to understandūüėĒ Therefore, exposure is KEY.
I stumbled upon these AWESOME Google Slide templates on Pinterest that mimic many of the TEI type questions. For those of you who use Google in your classroom, check out {THESE} folders. Templates are available for both math and reading questions.
Thank you Justin Birckbichler @Mr_B_Teacher for creating this awesome resource!
You could easily combine these slides into one big presentation and make your own “test” for students to take and turn into you via Google Classroom or a shared Google folder.
For those of you who are not big Google users, you can still get your students practicing by visiting TEI inspired websites. Here is a list of some of those resources:

Do you know of any others that we could add to the list? If so, link it in the comments below!

I have started a TEI Pinterest board that I will be adding resources to as I come across them. Click below to follow this board:


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