Such fun test prep ideas that will be easy for me to use! I love the test prep games! These review game ideas will provide the test prep motivation that I have been looking for!

10 Ways to Make Test Prep Fun

It’s almost time to start thinking about those test prep strategies! Ughhhh… all your hard work, will it pay off? Make it count, and make it fun with these test prep review ideas!

Such fun test prep ideas that will be easy for me to use! I love the test prep games! These review game ideas will provide the test prep motivation that I have been looking for!

1. One quick test prep idea is to find or create review games on It is easy to create a quiz, but the best part is that students complete at their own pace! You can set the amount of time allowed per question to keep students on pace, but it is not a race to the finish. This encourages students to be thoughtful in their responses.

2. If you don’t have enough devices in your classroom, you can use plickers to gage student responses  during whole group test prep review. This also great if you are short on time and just want to display the questions on your board, students will love responding with their plickers cards!

3. Create a bingo review game of terms and definitions for a fun test prep Bingo Game. You can easily create a table on a word document and type in terms or definitions. Then create a matching table on another page with NO words in the table. Have students cut out the words and glue in any order onto the blank table. This gives everyone different Bingo boards. Then the teacher or a student calls out the terms or definitions (opposite of what you put on the boards). Students will love winning this game and getting to be the next bingo “caller!”

4. Use task cards as a partner activity. Partner students, one reads the task card and one has to figure out the answer. Rachel Lynnette has a great explanation for this idea.

5. Play a “headbandz” style review game by writing terms on index cards and paper clip them to sentence strips fitted to the students’ heads. Put them in groups and have students take turns trying to give the student enough information about the term on their  head (without saying the word) to guess it.

6. Have students write questions/problems for their friends to answer. Give them a few examples, sometimes it may be necessary to give some suggestions as to what type of items to use in their problems such as favorite pets if you are reviewing data or pizza if you are reviewing fractions.

7. Play Scoot with task cards by placing one on each desk and having students “scoot” to the next desk after a certain amount of time. This gets them moving and adds fun to the normal task cards. If you do not have enough task cards for each student, create a few “take a break” task cards and disperse them randomly. You can write fun tasks on them like “draw a picture of your favorite animal” or “write a sentence using a spelling/vocabulary word.”

8. Use your board games, especially during FREE CHOICE time to review by incorporating task cards. Students must answer a task card before they can make their next move. This works great with Jenga, Battleship, Connect 4, Checkers, Trouble and Guess Who. Read my blog post on using task cards with board games here. 

9. Use digital task cards to quickly assign review questions to students. These task cards are NO-PREP and SELF-CHECKING! Students lose points and are sent back to the question for answering incorrectly. All you need to do is create a spreadsheet to accept responses and you can score from there!

10. Make sure that your students know, above all else, that this test cannot measure their worth or their intelligence as much as you can. This test does not define them! You expect them to do their best, pay attention to details, and show growth, that is all.

I hope that you have found a few useful ideas here to help keep your students engaged, learning and motivated to rock that test! Visit my blog for more tips and ideas! dirt-road-teacher-logo-15

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