4 fun Ways to integrate math skills using Wonder Dash Robots and Ozobots

This year we were gifted 2  wonder Dash Robots and 2 Ozobots so you can imagine my excitement and yet at the same time slight worry about  how we could use just 2 of each with a class of 24 kids…. The answer was stations! While some of the students used the desktop computers or tablets I had a small group and  was able to focus on one group at a time working through the lesson. So if you have the same problem at your school here are a few quick and easy lessons do reinforce math skills being taught in the classroom!

Ozobots: ShapesOzobots Shapes

The first lesson was using Ozobots.  In the classroom, kindergarten students were working on learning shapes so to reinforce the classroom curriculum. I created shapes pages using Google Slides numbered and laminated them. I then created a paper for them to record which shape they had used.  Ozobots will move around each shape the students then match up the number and make that shape on their paper.  Quick and Easy lesson, but a great way to build student engagement and reinforce the lesson. This would also be a great math station in the regular classroom as well!

Get a copy of the items used for the lesson using the link below.


Dash- Recognizing Numbers, Adding, or Subtracting

Don’t you just love it when you create a lesson and can use it for multiple grades just by tweaking a few small details! For this activity I created a grid using a piece of poster board. Inside the space I placed numbers. In K-2 we used this lesson to reinforce a few different skills. At the beginning of k- we used it for number recognition. I then pulled it back out for k-2 to use when we they were working on Addition and subtraction in the classroom. So here is how it works, you will need a large piece of poster board, create a grid that matches that of the Path App for Dash. I think mine was 7 inches down by 12 inches across. After creating the grid you can then add your numbers, math problems, shapes, etc. Install the Wonder Dash Path App on you tablet. With k-1 I had them “drive” to a path and then tell me the number or math equation and answer that Dash “landed” on. With the older ones, I would give them a math problem and then they would have to figure out how far over and down they would have to go as well as the answer to the math problem. As you can see you can differentiate the lesson for the age group you have. This would be a great activity to use with numbers, shapes, letters, sight words, or equations. Once you teach your students how to use the Path App you could set this up in a small group math or reading station.

Dash Math Numbers Pathwonder path app

Dash Challenge: How Far does Dash Travel?

Using Wonder Dash Robot students were given a challenge to see how far Dash would travel using the Blocky App. Students then marked the distance and measured using a ruler or yard stick.  Students could even change the variables by selecting a speed. This lesson reinforces measuring used in the classroom.

 Dash Challenge: Maze Creation

My 4th Grade students were given a challenge to work in teams to sketch out a design maze, construct the maze, create a code that Dash would move through the maze, and record their code. This lessons focuses on team building, measuring skills, sequencing, and problem solving.  The catch students had 45 minutes to complete the project and make it function.  You will notice that each teams maze is just a little different.

So here are just a few quick and easy ways to use technology while reinforcing math skills being taught in the classroom!