Increase Science & Mathematics Understanding with PhET Simulations

What are PhET Simulations?

PhET simulations are free research-based science and mathematics resources that can run online or can be downloaded to your computer. Learning comes alive when students interact and manipulate these colorful simulations.  These interactive and animated digital resources allow students to explore and make connections that help aid their scientific and mathematical thinking.
Here is an example of the Matter Phase Changes simulation:

Which Grade Levels are Covered?

PhET resources appeal to a wide age range:
Easily search and browse all types of simulations.


PhET simulations can be used on any device thanks to HTML 5. However, the iPad app costs 99 cents and can be found HERE. An Android app is also availble for download HERE.

Tips and resources for integrating PhET simulations into your classroom can be found HERE.

I highly recommend checking out this valuable resource!

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