Prepping for the Test with Newsela

By using Newsela for test prep or teaching nonfiction, students are engaged in deeper, more authentic, and meaningful learning.


Streamlining Google Classroom with Topics!

I will start off by saying I absolutely LOVE Google Classroom. Before Google Classroom, I was a huge fan of Edmodo and Schoology, but moving to classroom last year was one of the best improvements I've seen in instructional technology, especially now that I'm using more digital resources with my curriculum. Everything is streamlined into one place, … Continue reading Streamlining Google Classroom with Topics!

6 Storage Solutions for 1:1 Classrooms with Flexible Seating

Teaching in a tiny 1:1 classroom inspired me to give flexible seating, both of these situations pose unique storage dilemmas. I'm going to share a few ideas for storage in a classroom with flexible seating that are working in my classroom with you today. My classroom is not entirely paperless yet, there are a few … Continue reading 6 Storage Solutions for 1:1 Classrooms with Flexible Seating